Hold your horses

So before I go further into that abyss let’s get back to some happy things. Please remember that this is the first time telling my story in its entirety. I really think it will heal the last wounds I have. By saying that I will have days that I just don’t want to revisit those […]

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Man that’s fucked up…

My earliest memories are strange, I remember Disneyland with my grandparents, the plane ride and how the clouds looked like ice cream. Getting home and seeing my parents, scaring my mother with a huge fake snake bought on the trip,and shortly after, moving into a new house. I was five or six, no real memories […]

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Lucky girl

I am a very ” lucky girl”. I have always had a way of wishing for something and it happening… eventually. Maybe that’s why some people say if you put your mind to it..i guess… well let me tell you where I am now, then I can tell you how I got here. I ramble […]

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